Upcoming Special Events

We have many events at the Depot Theater in addition to our regular stage shows. Here are the details of our upcoming NON stage events.


January 12 at 11:30am-ROYAL ACADEMY

The Royal Academy will take place on January 12th from 11:30am-3:00pm. It is for children ages 12 and under with at least one adult. The event will be in the El Vaquero and Lobby.

Royal Academy is an event where children will learn how to become princesses and princes. They will be read to and sung to as they eat lunch by royalties. After lunch, they will go through royal training, which involves how to spread kindness, how to be brave, and so much more. They will even learn how to dance and be guests of honor at the Royal Ball. The day will close with a ceremony where children will be crowned a princess or a prince.

Price is $5 per adult and $15 per child and you can reserve a spot ahead by calling 620-225-1001 or you can also show up the day of and pay then. Space is limited to 60 people. The menu is ham and cheese sandwiches, chips, cookies, mac and cheese, tea, water, or juice.


January 26th-Paranormal Night

Join us for another Paranormal Night on Saturday, January 26th from 9:00pm-3:00am with the Road Trip Paranormal group. Lobby doors open at 8:30pm. Space is limited to 30 people and the price is $30 per person. Tickets are ON SALE NOW and can be made online or by calling our Office at 620-225-1001. Snacks and coffee will be available throughout the night.


February 16th-Murder Mystery


Join us for another Murder Mystery Dinner on Saturday, February 16th. Price is $40 per person which includes a dinner and the show. Seating is limited to 40 people. Victor Valentine is the father of the bride and owner of Valentine Candies, Ltd. A hard driving and, some say, a ruthless man. His lovely wife Veronica, or Roni to her friends, dotes on their daughter when not involved in her society work. She does have a cold side though. Valerie Valentine is the sweet bride who cannot wait to marry Marc, the man of her dreams. Vivian Forbes is about to become a Valentine, when her divorce from Max is finalized. She is attending the wedding at the request of Valerie, not the entire family. Marc Weston is the groom. He is a tennis pro at the local racquet club and met Val while giving her lessons. He is not as rich as he is about to become. April Weston is Marc’s sister, a waitress, who believes the sun rises and sets on her brother. She will be scouring the guests tonight looking for a husband for herself! Father Fowling is the priest at St Ethelbert the Inept Anglican Church. He is in charge of this rehearsal and the wedding. So many rich people. So many people wanting to be rich. So many secrets. And perhaps even a party crasher… with a grudge or two or three. Tickets are ON SALE NOW and can be made online or by calling our Office at 620-225-1001.