The Depot Theater Company is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Our programs and operations are funded by ticket sales, support and donations from corporations, individuals, and volunteers. There are many ways that businesses, civic groups, families, and individuals can be involved in and support the Depot Theater Company by donating money or time.

We have created a 2018-2019 Season Summary Survey to review your thoughts and opinions on this past 2018-2019 season.
You may take it here.

The Depot Theater Company is a private 501(c)3 non profit organization, and does not receive any taxpayer funds. Your donations are tax deductible. 

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Thank You Donors!

We want to thank all of our donors for our 2018-2019 and their support! Without them, we could not do what we do for all of you! And, if you would like to be a donor, feel free to mail in your donation to PO Box 661 or email our Office Manager, Brandi Young.

Locomotive Donors 

Marc & Jeanne Cottrell
Jim & Sandi Coast
Ron & Marcia Harms

Coal Car Donors 

Bill & Connie Hatfield
Floris Jean Hampton
Thomas & Jill Loker
Larry & Katie Ruthi
John Harding

Freight Car Donors 

Dave & Lu Ann Wetmore
Milam & Beulah Jones
William & Carolyn Simpson
Janet Heit
Western Bank Expo Center

Baggage Car Donors 

Amanda Gardiner
Rhenda Field
Kathie Leighty
Jerry & Pam Whitaker
Tom Loker

Coach Car Donors 

Wayne Johnson
Pam Larson
Robert & Ashley Hatfield
Frank & Barbara Mages
Joan Unruh
Debbie Eddy
Mary Lou Doris
Patric & Karen Hamit
Robert Jenkins
Katherine Ruthi
Sonya Hughes
Tom & Jill Loker
Jim & Sandi Coast
Susan Edmonston
Kyler & Barbara Knobbe

Sleeper Car Donors 

Don & Donitta Wiles
Kalen Hahn
Jack & Jean Honnold
Penny Lopp
Don & Twyla Milligan
Cyndi Christopher
Diane Prellwitz
Burt & Mary Lou Davis
Corinne Herndon
Martha Gilbert
Catherine Lockman
Farrell & Mary Ellen Bleumer
Mary Jane Stramel
Gerald & Mary Whipple
Pat Tieben
Mary Lou Doris
Curtis & Sally Slaton
Brent & Kathy Whitley
Sam Shipley
Janet Martin
John & Jeanette Gunkel
Wanda Henton Jackson
Edith Johnson
John and Janice Sims
Tom Loker
Shirley Rumsey
Amanda & Garth Gardiner
Donna Imel
Jane Gregg
Dalton Krayenhaten
Charla Batman
Jo Austen
Sharon Batman
Ron Stein
Dan & Beth Love
Faye Trent
Milly White
Ethel Peterson
Connie Hatfield
Darrell & Bev Blew
Ron Albrecht
Ann Hicks
Natalie Cox
Barbara Straight
Connie Penick
Christian Larson
Lynn Nolte
Michael Coast
Norman Spohr
Dave & Lu Ann Wetmore
Darrin & Janese Boger
Karen Dunn
Sarah Shattuck
Marty & Jennifer Denison
Jana Ross
Neola Herrman
Jim Burke
Don & Donna Foster
Western Kansas Manufacturers Association
Nancy Vierthaler
Kay Conrardy
Martha Pfannenstiel
David Mead
Frank and Barbara Mages
Harry Zielke
Mike & Marsha Morrison
Rob Berry
Ron & Marcia Harms
Clinton and Delaine Stalker
Gayla and Kurt Kirmer
Margaret Hamilton
Don & Donitta Wiles
Brian and Sandra Hastings