You can’t have a dinner theater without great food! Here you can see what’s cooking at the Depot Theater Kitchen, what we are pouring at Harvey’s, the theater bar, and even download favorite past recipes.


While we understand that many people have special dietary needs and are unable to eat certain foods, we are a dinner theater and not a restaurant. We order in the food needed to prepare the meal that is advertised for that particular production and those are the only ingredients available in the kitchen. We cannot make dinner substitutions as there are no other options. If you cannot eat items on our menu because you are a vegetarian, vegan, have unfortunate food allergies, or it is due to a medical issue, please consider purchasing show only tickets.


Favorite past recipes (click to download)

Baked Ranch Cheddar Chicken


At the Bar

Cocktail:  White Lady
This Pre-Prohibition favorite combines premium Hendricks Gin with the citrus delights of Cointreau orange liqueur and fresh squeezed lemon juice.  All the elegant grace of a holy church choir, with the character of a Hollywood starlet!

What's Cooking

Harvey’s at the Depot Theater is named for Fred Harvey owner of the famous Harvey House lunch rooms, restaurants and hotels, one of which was located in our building.

The Depot Theater Company Bar carries a wide range of wines, beers, and soft drinks. Our beer selection includes several beers made right here in Kansas.


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