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HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED, becoming a member of the Depot Theater Company?

There are many ways to get involved. If you are interested in being “on stage” we have open auditions and everyone is welcome.

Audition Information

If that doesn’t interest you, we have other opportunities to participate in our productions. Check out the following for the “behind the scenes” positions.

  1. Directors: Show, Assistant, Music
  2. Set: Designing, Building, Painting
  3. Light Designer; Light Board Operator
  4. Sound Designer/Operator
  5. Props Person – finding and constructing specialty props
  6. Hair/Make-Up Person (both before and during performances)
  7. Costumer: Costume construction (sewing, cutting, detailing, etc.)
  8. Musicians
  9. Stage Manager
  10. House Manager
  11. Box Office
  12. Ushers
  13. Backstage Crew – Running, Costume Crew, Mic Wrangler
  14. Lights – Running, Hanging, and Focusing of Lights
  15. Bartending
  16. Wine Steward
  17. Setting and dressing tables
  18. Kitchen – plating food, bussing tables, dishwashing, general kitchen duties.


If you would like to know more about how you can become involved call our Office at 620-225-1001 or email Sherry

There are also many business and individual sponsorship opportunities available to help support the Depot Theater Company.